Wild Hearts Botanicals


      Wild Hearts Botanicals is a special collection of superfood teas & tonics, wellness herbal teas & syrups. We infuse functional plant medicines + flavour artistry into our unique botanical blends. These plant-based products support family wellbeing beyond the pregnancy and postpartum period. If looking for pre/postpartum teas, visit our Wellness Teas collection. 

      We believe that incorporating botanicals into your lifestyle can have enormous benefits, is easy and delicious! Our mission is to invigorate your senses and health with every cup, while connecting you to nature. Whatever your style of drink- straight up herbal brew, fancy tea latté, botanically spiked sparkling water or libation, we have you covered. 

      Designed for the Wild at Heart. 

      Stayed tuned for botanical bitters + elixirs coming soon...

      11 products

      11 products