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The Gratitude Box

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The Gratitude Box

Express love and gratitude for someone special in your life. Explore a selection of thoughtfully curated natural skincare & organic herbal teas/tonics. This box supports wellness by easing discomforts, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Great gift idea for the over-worked, special occasions, teachers, parents and spouses who can benefit from some well deserved botanical TLC. Each box contains our:

🌹 Revive Botanical Face Serum (15 ml)

An enchanting and luxurious face serum that is light in body and leaves your face feeling silky and refreshed. The blend of botanical oils is sweet smelling, rich in vitamins, antioxidants A, C, E and EFAs, all supporting the health, texture and integrity of the skin. Absorbs easily, doesn't clog pores and can be used as a base underneath moisturizers and makeup.  Suitable for all skin types. Especially great for mature and or damaged skin. Can provide relief from skin conditions that cause inflammation, redness and irritation.

🌹 Arnica & St. John's Wort Massage Oil  (10 ml)

A stimulating and refreshing  massage oil that provides soothing relief from sore  muscles and deep tissue pain. Great to rub on temples to help ease headaches. Uplifting to the mood.  

🌿  Relax & Enjoy Herbal Tea (10 g/4+ cups)

A beautifully floral and gentle tea that helps reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Great for promoting healthy sleep, relaxation and uplifting the mood. 100% organic & caffeine free.

🌿  Golden Turmeric Tonic  (25 g/9 cups)

A botanical powder blend containing herbs traditionally used to support the mind, mood & immunity. Contains adaptogens, rejuvenating tonics, anti-inflammatory and immune supportive herbs. Prepare as an iced or warm latte or mix into a shake to  energize, nourish  and strengthen the body. 

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